Additional Services Real-Time Investigations

Background Investigation

A full background investigation is recommended on any subject that is suspicious of committing fraud. We include the following indexes in our investigation: Property Ownership and Address History, Motor Vehicle/Driver History, Business Ownership History, Judgments and Lien Records, Bankruptcy Records, Criminal and Civil Records, Sex Offender Search, Social and Professional Networking Search, and Deep Internet Search.

Person Locates

There are many reasons why you might want to find someone. Whether it is a missing family member or friend, a claimant, witness, or any other subject of interest, we have the means to find the person.

Activity Checks

An activity check can help you determine if a period of surveillance is viable.  This is a cost-effective option to determine if the subject is working or conducting activities at the residence.  An activity check is usually a four-hour morning observation of the subject’s believed residence and a neighborhood canvass if the subject is not active.

Recorded Statements/Interviews

Statements from claimants and witnesses are vital in any liability claim or AOE/COE (Workers Compensation claim),  We utilize digital recording devices to take statements in-person or over the telephone.

Scene Investigation

Depending on the type of claim or situation, conducting a detailed scene investigation can provide information that helps to determine circumstances of an event.  We utilize digital cameras and HD video, if requested, to document the scene of the accident/incident.


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