Surveillance Investigation Strategy


Prior to beginning a surveillance investigation, we conduct a limited background investigation on our subjects in an effort to provide our surveillance investigators an analysis of data that will assist in understanding what type of activities they may be involved in.  The databases that we index are as follows:

  • Residential History
  • Motor Vehicle/Driver History
  • Social and Professional Networking Sites
  • Business Ownership Search
  • Civil and Criminal Court Case Search


Our mission is to provide our clients with the best video documentation in the industry.  Additionally, we would like to provide evidence when the client wants it.

Whether it is requested directly after we have obtained video of the subject or throughout the day, we have acquired the technology to provide video instantly upon gathering it.  Additionally, written updates are provided at the end of the day with any suggestions or recommendations.

We utilize high-definition digital video recorders with a date and timestamp.  Our covert video cameras are also high-definition and include a date and timestamp.  Our investigators are all equipped with surveillance vehicles that are designed to blend into their surroundings.


A detailed report of our findings is provided within five business days of the conclusion of the investigation.  We pride ourselves in writing very thorough reports that include photographs of our subject and residence and/or business.  Video evidence can be provided on a daily basis digitally.  Additionally, we will provide a complete hard copy of the video evidence with the our final report.


If Real-Time Investigations can be of service to you please contact us for a free consultation.